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Our customers say...

"They were helpful and sensitive. With their help, the family home is cleared out, clean, and ready for possible sale. The check for the sale proceeds surpassed our expectations!"
-Nancy K.

"Mary Kay and James are very easy to work with and I felt they were very thorough. They have a real knowledge and feel of what items will draw people to the sale, how to display everything, they research items for their true value, and they have a big following of people familiar with their work. They contact people who might be interested in certain items you have available as well, which can lead to even more success to your efforts."
-Kimberly D.

"Fortunately for me, I was given the name of Mary Kay and James of The Ageless Treasure. I contacted them and they were extremely flexible in working with me in setting up a time to come and review the estate. Mary Kay and James were very compassionate and understanding to the difficulty of this painful situation. They explained how the sale would work from start to finish. They answered every question I had and were willing to give me as much time as I needed to discuss the process. I immediately knew they were honest and hard-working people and the ones who would conduct my sale."

"The sale process began with The Ageless Treasure setting up for the sale. In our case, it was a home we had 50+ years of accumulation. Mary Kay and James treated all items in the home with care and dignity. They knew that these items were our childhood memories and conducted themselves in such a professional, yet compassionate manner. If they discovered an item that was clearly of a personal nature, such as old school papers, drawings, etc. they put those items to the side and made sure that we were given them."

-Sue B.

"On a scale from 1 to 10. The Ageless Treasure gets an 11. I was extremely satisfied and am willing to discuss my satisfaction with anyone."
-Nancy S.

"What helped me pick them (and what was most helpful in the long run) was their positive and unflagging "We Can Do It" spirit, as well as their sensitivity to the family's loss at the same time."
-Jack B.